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DAY 365: So close yet so far away

My attempt at making it to day 365 was a complete fail. It is true you loose free time after college. Being on the computer all day just deters from using my computer at home. It didn’t go in vain though, it’s nice to see how I started the year, my ups, my downs, graduation, the start of my job, etc. This year was such a roller coaster. I start off low because I was unsure ofΒ  my future after graduation especially with not having a secure job in place. Then it got better with a job offer I wanted but slowly went back down with the fiasco of my birthday party aftermath. From there it probably went into a spiral of some sorts, and shot back up with graduation and then fell shortly after when I moved out of my apartment. Slowly, however, I climbed up to a normal speed and have been on high since then. Now and then I’ve hit bumps but it’s nothing terrible to send me on a down hill spiral. I have grown a lot during this tumultuous year and I’m sure I still have plenty to learn. Now on 2014.